Democratic Struggles in Challenging Times: Insights from Mongolia around the World


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Preface and Acknowledgements

Introduction: Studying Democracy in Challenging Times
Stephen Brown

Part 1 Democratization in Mongolia

1 The Secret Supports of Mongolian Democracy
M. Steven Fish and Michael Seeberg

2 Transformation of Mongolia’s Civil Society in the Post-Socialist Era
Byambajav Dalaibuyan

3 The 2017 Deliberative Polling on Draft Amendments to the Mongolian Constitution
Munkhsaikhan Odonkhuu

4 Everyday Democracy in Mongolia: An Anthropological Approach to Democracy as Lived in the Ger Districts of Ulaanbaatar
Elizabeth Fox

Part 2 Comparative Perspectives on Democratic Struggles and the Role of Natural Resources

5 Natural Resources Management in Southeast Asia: Challenges of Corruption, Compliance and Effectiveness
Andrea Haefneriv Contents

6 Moments of Change? Negative Revenue Shocks and 109 Political Regimes
Delgerjargal Uvsh

7 Buying Votes with Rents: The Politics of Economic Populism and Clientelism in Natural Resource Dependent Democracies
Boldsaikhan Sambuu

8 The Influence of International Relations on Democratization, 1972-2005
Mathias De Roeck and Ronan Van Rossem

9 The October 1 Catalan Referendum Turns into a Struggle for Democracy
Núria Suero Comellas


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